Farpoint EP

by Lustera

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released February 27, 2017

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Derek Allen at Lubeck Studios, LSI
Mastered by Tate Kirgiss at Greyhouse Studio
All lyrics and music by Lustera
Vocals: Andrew Luksch
Guitars: Michael Milkowski
Bass: Kris Farrar
Drums: Tyler Kirgiss



all rights reserved


Lustera Chicago, Illinois

Since 2015, Lustera has worked hard to establish themselves in the heavy rock music scene, making their mark through energetic live shows and sharing their unique blend of post-hardcore and post-rock. Lustera aims to create original, heavy, honest music that challenges and inspires. ... more

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Track Name: Q Continuum
lately I've been wondering
why we innately presume
the ability to comprehend
our perception of
the collision of before and after
in the here and now

now it feels
we were here so very long ago
it must have been a lifetime
a neglected time line

to kill time is to murder opportunity
to stand stagnant is to relinquish impunity
notice a pattern and change it
or don't, but understand
that it's your responsibility
to follow these things to completion
before their time has come
and consider the end
though it's only just begun
to put it plainly, our days are numbered

the passing of time,
the going away
of the chance of
things going another way
Track Name: Proceed With Caution
do you hold onto a grudge
perhaps you've experienced
an abundance of injustice
and you are just tired of having to face it

do you neglect your loved ones
their constant challenge has worn you thin
you're more comfortable in the company of your comforter
than risking the sunlight knowing your skin

I've been there before my friends
so please lend me your attention
I'm not gonna say anything you don't know already
sometimes it just helps to put it to words

we all act off emotional impulses
from time to time

I know I'm not the only one
who gives in to the lies we conjure

like they're too sensitive, too demanding
it's just the way I am
so why even bother trying to change

and we walk in and out
of the depths of what we don't know
taking the falls they told us to
we walk in the depths
in and out of what we don't know
I'll never fall like that again

think for yourselves
avoid the beaten path
they’ve come before
and fallen short
a narrow road
draws tired near
as if to call a child home
Track Name: Dead Calf, Mad Brother
I hear one voice like a thousand
screaming my name through the storm
attempting consolation
I've already lost my mind

but I've made off with a fortune

this smells like something I've tried to move on from
something I tried to forget
a memory awakened from a bed
in which I thought I had laid it to rest

a sin repeated,
iniquity is deepening
the darkness I'm feeling
my hardened heart means that I'm
indifferent to healing

now I lay with the pigs in the filth
wishing only for a place to rest my head
I had everything I needed and more
before I said, I wish you were dead

I hear one voice like a whisper

screaming my name from a distance
finally you've returned
come close and let me hold you
always safe here in my arms

I see him standing from afar
with wide open arms
how could you take me in again
I'm unworthy
Track Name: Framework
fear of what's to come
growing from experience
done can't be undone
regrets with strength to
cease all my forward motion
never move again

a potter's hands
with skill sufficient enough to mend my broken vessel
how dirty it's become since I was first entrusted with it
I, the desperately in need of emendation
write this to those of you who might keep me from perdition
truly I believe I was not made to do this alone
that's why I was gifted a faithful friend

I've heard there's a way to gather up what remains
and just as expected it's not my works that will save me
one thing to note, it won't cost me a dime
just some time
and that I release the chains that bind my mind

restore, restore!
intended potential
perfect, complete
restore, restore
your purpose and intentions
perfect, complete

enticing vices
compelling half truths
expose the viper
break the mold

tendency to deny my dependence
I should just admit hardened rebellion

strong and courageous
tried and true
why do you tremble

while they stand on sinking sand
beneath your feet, a foundation of rock
why do you tremble
stand firm

strong and courageous
tried and true
why do you tremble
Track Name: Encounters
step back and consider...